How to configure NetGear RP614 Router?

The Netgear RP614 router allows you to securely share a single broadband Internet connection with several computers. The device has a small physical footprint, a built-in 4-Port 10/100 Mbps switch that provides up to four wired Ethernet connections for your personal network and Internet content filtering software to protect your children from harmful websites.

In addition, the router utilizes two security protocols to keep your network safe: Stateful Packet Inspection and Network Address Translation. These protocols can protect your network from unwanted intrusions, such as Denial of Service attacks. Furthurmore, each computer that is connected to the router can share files, download content and stream media.

The router has a Setup Wizard that automatically deduces the type of Internet connection you are using and then provides on-screen instructions to help you set up your network. The Setup Wizard is available through the device’s Web interface. You can access the Web interface for most routers by typing into the address bar of a computer connected to the network. In general, is the default IP address for most routers.

However, to access the RP614’s Web interface, you need to type in your browser’s address bar. You can usually find your router’s IP address, such as, in the device’s user manual. Enter Admin and Password in the appropriate fields on the login window, and click the OK button to access the Configuration Menu page.

The device’s configuration settings are located at the left side of the webpage. Select each option to configure that specific setting. For example, to change the router’s default password, select the Set Password option. If you prefer to use the wizard to configure the RP614, select the Setup Wizard option. After configuring an option, click the Apply button to save the new setting. If you need to configure the router again, type into the address bar instead of the industry default IP address, which is